Scalp Micropigmentation – Amazing Facts About The Treatment!


By Looks Forever Hair And Skin Aesthetic Clinic, Dermatology

Scalp micropigmentation refers to treatment option that is entirely non-invasive in nature and requires the use of the elaborated micro-needles so as to fulfil the purpose of deposition of pigments in the scalp portion. This leads to the growth of small hair follicles which helps in thickening and restoring the bouncy and shiny appearance of your hair.

It is very beneficial for those patients who want to regain the thickness of their remaining hair, the hairline restoration, to get the close-cropped look of hair.

The amazing facts about the scalp micropigmentation

  • The major purpose of undergoing scalp micropigmentation procedure is to gain an appearance of tightly cropped hairs through injecting the pigments in very small dots at the region underneath the scalp skin outermost portion.
  • Scalp micropigmentation is a completely different procedure from getting a tattoo on the scalp. The SMP providers are very much against the procedure the tattoo artists use for making those traditional tattoos. In case of the traditional tattoo making procedures, the pigment colour eventually fades away or turns into something else whereas this is not the case with SMP procedure.
  • As the name suggests, even the types of equipment that are used in SMP are of a very small size and thin needles, especially designed according to the size of the hair follicle.
  • The SMP procedure is usually not excruciating, but those people who aren’t able to bear pain may feel uneasy during the treatment process. In such cases, the anaesthetic may be provided tropically to the patient.
  • Other hair restoration techniques can also be applied in association with SMP. It is the best suited for those individuals who are facing a problem of patches of baldness. The transplantation scarring can also be cured using this treatment option.
  • The scar healing can be a costly procedure otherwise the expenses for undergoing SMP treatment process depends upon the affected region and the complexity of the disease.
  • The treatment process can be accomplished within two to three sessions. It is possible that the colour of pigment may change or fade away after a certain period of time. Furthermore, the patients who have just undergone this procedure are recommended to use sunscreen on the scalp portion to avoid the depigmentation.

Therefore, these are some of the known facts that you must know about scalp micropigmentation procedure. You should always discuss the pros and cons with your SMP practitioner before taking any major decision regarding this treatment, although SMP has a considerably good success rate and the level of satisfaction of the users is fairly good.